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The bass synths are incredible. Superb job.

My only issue is with the drums. I'm sure you probably already know this, but they are extremely weak and generic.

I can't wait to hear it finished :)

highdrake responds:

Thanks for the review and comment. I know my drums, snares, hats are weak. I'm using the FL studio stock samples haha.


Swag, son!

This is awesome.


Nugit responds:

thanks :P


It's so delightfully hectic, that it's relaxing. I've never seen anyone pull that off.

The only minor suggestion I have is with GlitchVST at 2:00. It might sound a little better if you re-arrange the sequences in the VST so it can maintain the "4 on the floor" rhythm as the rest of the song. I like the way it sounds, but the lack of a stable meter makes it confusing, if that makes sense.


Free2Play responds:

Actually the glitch part is still messed up and i don't know why. Everytime I render it it moves all the effects over by like 2 beats which sounds completely off.


$5 says this goes into the coolbox

TheBiocide responds:

Not quite sure what the coolbox is, but it sounds like a good thing! Haha, thanks, man :D


It's ellaskins!

Do I get a prize?!

RandomDanceOfHappy responds:

for my lack of understanding of your review yourrrr prize is a cookie.... only catch is you gotta go to the store and buy it.... thin findd some really good speakers put them faceing up and put a tray and cookies on it above the speaker and play this song :D thin they shall cook....
oh and ill review ur stuff if u got stuffs to review!

Cool synth...

Alignment is a beat off. The first 2 notes should be a pickup, as in the third note should be where everything else starts.

NGRKLR187 responds:

I just put that together in about 15 minutes, so there are a few things that are off. When I make the final one, I will correct them. As far as the alignment being a beat off, do you mean the timing of the kick compared to the other notes? I will listen to the original again and see how the Bass made it, and adjust as such. Thanks for the comment and your time.

Zero bombed as hell

You've got some serious talent man, these damn zero-bombers can go suck like 9 penises. 9 of them. that's as many as 9 ones.

joshlul responds:

thanks c:

Best Hardstyle on Newgrounds

Heady would be proud.

The only thing I would suggest is a more overpowering hard kick. Right now it just sounds like a deep synth with distortion. More pop and possibly some sidechain-esqe effects would be nice.

Other than that, fantastic job.


DJT3chnic responds:

I've been tinkering with the kick for so long now, ugh. it's a royal pain in the A** lol. I'll try to get it more powerful. Really is hard to do tho. Either way I'm glad that you took the time to give me feedback.
Thanks =)

Nice song

also, URL = 424242

sumguy720 responds:

I know right? That's like the best part.

I recognize the DNB sample

This is really good, but the fact that you used the DrillNB sample from FL studio takes away from it :/

If I didn't recognize it, it would be better lol.

hurricane1189 responds:

Aaah I see! I loved that drum pattern I deff could have made it, but as you can see I took the easy way out lol. Thank you for paying attention and listening. I love the feed back! More Submitions Coming and Trust...Even Better!

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