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I was expecting FL Slayer

I said to myself "oh look, another person to discover FL Slayer and will have some shitty guitar solo.", but this is actually pretty decent. Repetitive, but who cares, it's a test, not a song.

Chaserthewolf responds:

Pffft. Fl Slayer is just horrible. Seriously.

I tend to stay as far away as I can from that disgusting synth people keep calling a guitar.


My ears are so confused O_o

Me like.

where's the important parts?

it's a good start, BUT...

May I suggest V-Station for the lead?

and also a better bass on the upbeat?

Nampzz responds:

i'll think about it but i have not finished it yet though so thanks.


are a wizard

My Thoughts

I usually don't like these down-tempo songs, but this one is legitimately good. I love the effects on the synths.

More like this, pl0x


OP 5'd himself

So did I.

Xayro responds:

To be honest, the only way to last more than 4 seconds on this website and get noticed is give yourself that first initial 5. Zerobombers take care of the rest for you. That's the exact reason why I stopped posting on here so much XD There'd probably be some album exclusive previews (my actually good music) on here if it wasn't for the flawed ranking system. Thanks for the 5, bro. I'm glad you enjoyed it.


Very gewd.

Synth rhythm at 1:16 = star music from super mario

May I suggest better/original samples?

I know it sounds like I'm being a ass, but this sounds like you've had the program for about a week. Am I correct?

Anyways, I would try finding/buying a better sample pack, or better yet making your own. I would suggest getting Vengeance Essential Club Sounds Vol. 1 to start with.

Also, try getting some VST plugins to use, such as V-Station (which is really good for Basshunter synths, btw).

I have to say though, if this is your first project, you are starting better than I did.


I really like the odd timings of this. It's really relaxing.

Anyone up for a game of racquetball?

Very unique

This is very cool. It's almost trancy.

You should call it Dubtrance or Trancestep.

If I were you I would try to make 3xosc sound a little less like 3xosc, if that makes sense. Right now It's just a basic square wave, but if you add a saw wave to it, it would be a little more full sounding. Other than that, very well put together.

k235 responds:

thanks man! nice tips. i only started working on this today, so ill see i'll try out your tips in future versions. as for the trancey feel: the first version had a 4tothefloor beat goin on, but i got tired of it, so i used the interlude beat instead for the whole song :) so thats probably why it sounds like that!

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